Lomba Daring Review Novel

Lomba Daring Review Novel


Novel Review Online Competition

We are excited to announce the Online Novel Review Competition for SMA/SMK/MA/MAK students organized by Rumah Cermat. This competition is designed to foster students' enthusiasm for reading and enhance their analytical skills in comprehending literary works.

Competition Details:

  • Schedule: Registration and video submissions will be accepted from 1st to 25th October 2020.
  • Prizes: Winners will receive substantial cash prizes totaling millions of rupiah.
  • Participants: Participation is open to all sons, daughters, and students free of charge.
  • Registration Process: Kindly register yourself or your students by filling out the online form available at https://forms.gle/2eQuyrq3B9bgMxXa9.
  • Additional Information: For further details and registration assistance, please reach out to Kang Moer at 0853-9776-8860 or Kang Aal at 0852-1094-0910.

We encourage you, along with your relatives, to disseminate this information within your WhatsApp groups and to individuals who might find it intriguing. Your attention and active involvement in nurturing students' passion for reading and literacy are greatly appreciated.















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