Lomba Pidato Daring Rumah Cermat 2020

Lomba Pidato Daring Rumah Cermat 2020

Terms and Conditions for Speech Competition:

  1. Participants must be students of junior high schools (SMP/MTs) throughout the Indonesian archipelago.
  2. The speech theme (choose one) is:
    • Environmental issues,
    • Social conditions, and/or
    • Cultural diversity.
  3. Speech content must not contain elements of SARA (Ethnicity, Religion, Race, and Inter-group Relations), pornography, and politics; violence, inappropriate language, or targeting specific individuals or groups.
  4. Entries must be submitted as MP4 format videos (recorded in landscape position/sideways), with a minimum duration of 5 minutes and a maximum duration of 15 minutes (including opening and closing remarks).
  5. Participants are required to introduce themselves at the beginning (opening) of the video, mentioning their place of origin (district and province), and stating the purpose and objective of the speech for participating in the online speech competition at Rumah Cermat. Then, at the end (closing), participants should request support from viewers to watch, like, and provide criticism or comments.
  6. Participants are encouraged to follow Rumah Cermat's social media accounts:
  7. The competition mechanism is as follows:
    • Registration and submission of competition videos from 1st to 20th August 2020,
    • Editing and uploading of videos to Rumah Cermat's YouTube channel (by the competition team/committee) from 21st to 31st August 2020,
    • Preliminary round screenings from 1st to 30th September 2020, (selecting 10 finalists for the final round, determined by the number of likes, views, and comments),
    • Final round screenings from 1st to 31st October 2020, (selecting the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, determined by the Rumah Cermat jury team).

Welcome to Rumah Cermat. Thank you.


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