Rumah Cermat is a YouTube channel

Rumah Cermat is a YouTube channel

Through its videos, Rumah Cermat hopes to become a source of inspiration and knowledge for all parties interested in literacy, education, and self-development. We present various information about the national literacy movement, including the School Literacy Movement, Family Literacy Movement, and Community Literacy Movement.

We invite those of you who are interested to support the sustainability of the Rumah Cermat YouTube Channel by liking, subscribing to, and sharing our content. Don't forget to activate the notification bell so you always get the latest updates from us.

We express our gratitude for all the feedback that has been given to the Rumah Cermat YouTube Channel. With your support and participation, we hope to continue providing sustainable benefits and achieving success together. Let's strengthen the national literacy movement together and build a society that is intelligent, independent, and in service. #rumahcermat #cerdasmandiriberkhidmat #berkhidmatkepadasesama #yayasaninsanulhaq #gerakanliterasinasional #gerakanliterasisekolah #gerakanliterasikeluarga #gerakanliterasimasyarakat #literasibacatulis #literasinumerasi #literasisains #literasifinansial #literasidigital #literasibudayakewargaan.


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